Dental Unit Models for Adult

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S-Prosisdent Dental Unit
S-Prosisdent Dental Unit Models
S-Prosisdent Dental Unit Models
S-Prosisdent Dental Chairs Models
S-Prosisdent Dental Chairs Models
S-Prosisdent Dental Unit Models
S-Prosisdent Dental Unit Models
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S-Prosisdent Dental Unit Lamp Models


• Electro-mechanic controlled under full automation

• Chair engines with 24 V DC infinite gear system

• 2500 N chair amortization

• Second extra amortization (O)

• Automatic Trandelenburg position (O)

• Manuel trandelenburg system (O)

• Automatic first- state position

• 4 pieces of adjustable programmable circuit (O)

• Emergency stop security

• Stop securities under the back stand, cuspidor and assistant (O)

• Control from the foot pedal (O)

• Seamless covering with cast stamp made of sponge

• Anti- bacterial covering manufactured with vacuum technology (O)

• Double supported head (for children patients)

• Portable right armlet (O)

* (O) / (Optional)





• 12 V 50 W Halogen Ampule

• 24 V 50-75 W halojen ampul (O)

• Cool light source without shade

• Reflector control with photocell (O)

• Light intensity adjustment with 2 steps (O)

• LCD screen arm mounted on the reflector arm(O)

• 15” or 17” LCD monitor (O)

• Reflector with 4 Led lightings and sensor (O)

* (O) / (Optional)




• Air water syringe with three functions

• Borden exits with two holes (2 pieces)

• Borden or mid-west exits for extra usage (O)

• Prepical Negatescope

• Panoramic negatescope integrated to the tablet (O)

• Aluminum plate on the tablet (2 pieces)

• Lightened Head module (O)

• Piezo cavitrone module (O)

• Lightened electrical micro-motor module (O)

• In – mouth camera system (O)

• Filling device with rays (O)

• Pneumatic treatment tablet(O)

• Mobile cart instrument tray

* (O) / (Optional)






• Trunk skeleton which is painted or galvanized as endurable enough against rust

• External case made of rustproof plastic material

• Single cast cuspidor made of ceramic

• Glass and cuspidor wash pipes easy to dismount

• Complete ceramic easy to dismount (O)

• The cuspidor and glass being time adjuster

• 120° movable cuspidor trunk

• 240° ceramic movement independent on the trunk

• Operation aspirator (O)

• Filling device with led rays (O)

• Second air – water syringe (O)

• Distilled water tank (O)

• Disinfection system for the heads (O)

• Operator Aspirator with Engine (O)

* (O) / (Optional)